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Celebrating The Generalized Mayhem That Is College Football
For A Fiftieth Of A Century


The Chaos Index, Week 8: Your Team Sucks (Unless It’s Bama, Of Course)

As we meander into the season’s second half, we’re left with only one question: why are we doing this? Going into the week, it looked like there were exactly three teams that could actually take the cheese. Now, we’re down to two, and the Tide are a hell of a lot better than last year, while Clemson…not so much. There must be some reason for the season. Could it be…

…chaos?!?!? Is there a power conference where we know who’s going to implode worse this year? Take the Pac-12, where Oregon’s total collapse is camouflaging the bizarre half-team in Westwood, while you just never know when USC might get weird again. Could both Big 12 marquee powers cap their coach this offseason? (Yes, they could.)

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C’est La TV: College Football Is About To Change A Whole Lot More Than You Realize

If you’ve worked in media for a while, you’ve seen a boatload of what we lovingly call “consolidation” over the last couple decades. For those of us who’ve seen enough consolidation, what’s happening with college football looks awfully familiar, and we know what’s about to change.

Everything. Okay, not everything, but enough major changes are coming to make what’s already happened look like minor alterations in the landscape. Get ready to watch the entire structure of Division 1 college football go through a ginormous revamp, and there will be winners and losers aplenty.

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Countdown To Chaos, Week 8: Worst Mid-Season Week Ever?

Welcome to Week 8, a week that raises the question: we waited all off-season for this? It’s a week filled with exciting showdown! Also, a bunch of games that don’t mean much to, well, anyone.

So anyway, tune in at 3:30 Eastern on Saturday for this week’s Game Of The Year!!! Just have a flask next to you for the remainder of the mediocrest schedule ever…or at least since Week 2.

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The Chaos Index, Week 7: Seasons Continuing Their Death Spirals

Last week, we saw more seasons spiraling out of control from more surprising places than we’d seen since…last year. This week, the bleeding stopped in – nowhere, really. Yeah, Texas and USC beat up on bad teams, but that doesn’t change anything.

Meanwhile, Ohio State stopped looking like a killing machine and Clemson tried like the dickens to cough one up against N.C. State. At this rate, we can cancel the playoff and hand Slick Nick the trophy again. Of course, this being the chaos-gifted world of college football, that just means that some wacky stuff has just got to be barreling toward Tuscaloosa even as we speak.

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Countdown To Chaos, Week 7: Sometimes Dreams Die Hard

You see where this season is going, don’t you? If not, things will be much clearer after this Saturday when the Alabama Destroys Everyone’s Dreams Tour stops off in Knox Vegas while the Ohio State Destroys Everyone’s Dreams Tour stops off in the land of the fifth quarter.

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The Chaos Index, Week Six: It’s The Season Of The Living Dead

As All Hallows Eve creeps up upon us, let’s count up the list of college football’s newly undead: Oregon, TCU, Michigan State, Stanford, and Mississippi State have joined the ranks of the terminally semi-undead like USC, Texas and Florida. Meanwhile, with LSU now Hatless, there’s a new champion of the “Are You Not Entertained?” crowd, and this coming week’s likely to be a doozy for our friends in Vol Nation.

Finally, with Houston’s dream season now toast, America can turn to wondering where Tom Herman ends up next year: LSU? USC? Texas? Notre Dame? Oregon?

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