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Celebrating The Generalized Mayhem That Is College Football
For A Fiftieth Of A Century


The Chaos Index, 2019 Final

So yeah, real life intervened in the form of moving vans and a bunch of other good, but frantic, stuff. There are still unopened boxes in the Captain’s new hizzouse, but for the tens of people who read this hot mess with something approaching regularity, here’s a final look back at the most messed up college football programs of 2019 that we didn’t have time to insult regularly during our regular proceedings.

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C’est La TV: College Football Is About To Change A Whole Lot More Than You Realize

If you’ve worked in media for a while, you’ve seen a boatload of what we lovingly call “consolidation” over the last couple decades. For those of us who’ve seen enough consolidation, what’s happening with college football looks awfully familiar, and we know what’s about to change.

Everything. Okay, not everything, but enough major changes are coming to make what’s already happened look like minor alterations in the landscape. Get ready to watch the entire structure of Division 1 college football go through a ginormous revamp, and there will be winners and losers aplenty.

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C’est La TV: You Respond, I Respond – It’s Almost Like A Dialog!

So, I wrote this whole long post about TV money and conference realignment from my perspective as a media veteran. Apparently, my Contact form works just fine because I got a heaping helping of e-mails. Also, I saw plenty of comments online about the post.

Let’s talk about those, but first, an obligatory message that starts with two words: Thank you!

Seriously. I put that post up because I think the stuff in it is really interesting. I had no idea what would happen after that. Here’s what I’m saying thank you for:

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The Chaos Index, Week 5: Certified Genuises* – Mack Brown & Chip Kelly

*And yeah, we meant to spell it that way, so get off our backs, genuis!

Y’see, brilliance is underrated. Just ask Mack Brown, whose team was pretty much better than Clemson all day and decided to go for two when an extra point would have forced overtime, and then picked a gimmicky option play against a defense that’s as fast and well-coached as any in the game. Or you could ask Chip Kelly, who must have decided that the guy who had two 90+-yard scores last week needed a rest, since he sat him for the majority of the Bruins’ pratfall against a truly awful Arizona team.

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The Chaos Index, Week 4: Say Hello To The Not-So-New Normal

Okay, so we’ve now spent the last three weeks asking, “Are ya sure that this season isn’t just a rerun of last year?” Texas still appears to be back, but we’re not 100% sure that’s the case. Notre Dame still appears to be back, but they really aren’t. How the Harbaugh thing isn’t working out in Ann Arbor, we have no idea, but it isn’t. The Chip Kelly, Jeremy Pruitt, Willie Taggart, and Chad Morris things aren’t working out either. Finally, congrats Pac-12 on seeing your last best playoff hope sink slowly beneath the horizon. Yeah, we know, Wazzu. We crashed early, so yeah, they’re still unbeaten and a threat…right? Anyway, there’s always Cal. And that’s the funniest thing we’ll ever say. Ever.

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