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Celebrating The Generalized Mayhem That Is College Football
For A Fiftieth Of A Century


The Chaos Index, Week Four: Seasons Going Off The Rails

Is it us, or are more power programs sputtering than usual as September draws to a close and the meltdowns begin from (Pacific) coast to (Gulf) coast. After a week where His Royal Hatness may have had his Waterloo and One-Win Clay’s team found another festive way to collapse, it is a move of utmost douchebaggery that leads this week’s Chaos Index.

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C’est La TV: College Football Is About To Change A Whole Lot More Than You Realize

If you’ve worked in media for a while, you’ve seen a boatload of what we lovingly call “consolidation” over the last couple decades. For those of us who’ve seen enough consolidation, what’s happening with college football looks awfully familiar, and we know what’s about to change.

Everything. Okay, not everything, but enough major changes are coming to make what’s already happened look like minor alterations in the landscape. Get ready to watch the entire structure of Division 1 college football go through a ginormous revamp, and there will be winners and losers aplenty.

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Countdown To Chaos, Week Four: So Many Seasons On The Brink!

Wow – as we head into the final week of September, so many seasons are so close to melting down that you have to wonder, who flips out first? Will it be the good people of Knox Vegas, who have been experiencing the ongoing torture of a streak that dates to the first season of the post-Zook era? Tigers fans – either from Baton Rouge, Auburn, or better still, both? Hotty and Toddy? Every fan in Los Angeles? The people of the former Southwest Conference, whose best football game is an SEC showdown?

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The Chaos Index, Week Three: Chaos Comes To The Preseason Top 10

There’s a one-word theme that ran throughout college football this weekend: disappointment. You can sense the sadness seeping from South Bend, Tallahassee and Norman, can’t you? You can feel the feel the foreboding lingering over Knoxville, Oxford, Eugene, and downtown Los Angeles too, right? Inhale deeply enough, and you’ll even capture the confusion in Austin. Happily, times are as abnormal as ever in Baton Rouge, where our weekly trip to Chaos Country begins [pick one: (a) again or (b) as usual].

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Countdown To Chaos, Week Three: Actual Games That Matter

Lookee here – we have a real schedule again! It’s almost like THE GREATEST OPENING WEEKEND EVER…only it’s a much better and deeper lineup featuring major powers doing battle, midmajor powers doing battle, and the ultimate D1 power doing battle in a game the oddsmakers won’t touch with a ten-foot bison.

Grab a couch, a cold beverage, and a couple gobs of meat and cheese, and let’s party!

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The Chaos Index, Week Two: How ‘Bout That Hat?

When you’re looking at a passel of unmitigated crap – your payoff for THE GREATEST OPENING WEEKEND EVER!!! – you look for a savior…any savior.

And really, when it comes to chaos, is there any greater savior than The Hat? As always, Loveable Les conjured up some festive doings while T. Boone Pickens’ minions treated us to our first “What The Hell Was That?” finish of the year.

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