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Celebrating The Generalized Mayhem That Is College Football
For A Fiftieth Of A Century


The Chaos Index, Final Regular Season: Let The Offseason Drama Begin!

Well, well, well, next season sure looks interesting already, doesn’t it? The offseason soap opera usually starts firing up right around National Signing Day – y’know, the normal one in February. Not this go-round. We haven’t even handed Tricky Nicky Satan a trophy yet, and we’re already well into the kind of chaos that makes Labor Day Weekend so much fun. In 2019, tune in to find out the answers to questions like: How long until new Liberty coach Hugh Freeze lets someone besides Jesus handle his junk?

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The Chaos Index, Week 13: So Much For The Revenge Tour

It would be different if COLLEGE FOOTBALL’S WINNINGEST TEAM EVER!!! had lost on a late field goal. (Actually, it wouldn’t.) It would be different if America’s #1 Defense hadn’t been lit up like a Christmas tree. (Again, not really.) It would be different if The Victors hadn’t been favored for the first time in forever. (Okay, that’s kinda true, but that’s also kinda the point.) Anyway, the only thing different this year was the sheer brutality of the thing. Not that we considered picking Michigan for every single spot in this week’s Chaos Index, but we’d like you to pick your favorite headline from the local fishwrappers:

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C’est La TV: College Football Is About To Change A Whole Lot More Than You Realize

If you’ve worked in media for a while, you’ve seen a boatload of what we lovingly call “consolidation” over the last couple decades. For those of us who’ve seen enough consolidation, what’s happening with college football looks awfully familiar, and we know what’s about to change.

Everything. Okay, not everything, but enough major changes are coming to make what’s already happened look like minor alterations in the landscape. Get ready to watch the entire structure of Division 1 college football go through a ginormous revamp, and there will be winners and losers aplenty.

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The Chaos Index, Week 12: Chips Are Falling, One Falls Particularly Hard On USC

As college football prepares to get its King of Chaos, The Hat, back – thanks, Kansas…we, uh, hope – the Big 12 joined the Pac-12 in making a generous holiday donation of its playoff spot to [pick one] one-loss Michigan or two-loss SEC runner-up. At this rate, the highlight of the annual waste of time known as the College Football Playoff announcement show will be finding out which Power 5 powerhouse gets the honor of being shamed by Central Florida this year. Meanwhile, television executives everywhere are no doubt thrilled to see that the nation’s largest market with actual college football programs – no, you don’t count New York/Rutgers – will be sitting out this bowl season.

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C’est La TV: You Respond, I Respond – It’s Almost Like A Dialog!

So, I wrote this whole long post about TV money and conference realignment from my perspective as a media veteran. Apparently, my Contact form works just fine because I got a heaping helping of e-mails. Also, I saw plenty of comments online about the post.

Let’s talk about those, but first, an obligatory message that starts with two words: Thank you!

Seriously. I put that post up because I think the stuff in it is really interesting. I had no idea what would happen after that. Here’s what I’m saying thank you for:

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The Chaos Index, Week 11: Newly Enriched With 50% More Disappointment!

Picture this: you’re settling in to watch your beloved [insert one: Trojans, ‘Noles, Badgers, Tigers, or Whoever] prepare to smash another hapless foe. Suddenly, you realize that your beloved [whoever] ARE the hapless foe. Great news: there’s science behind your nightmares! Well, either that, or your coach is a pinhead who can’t recruit or coach ’em up. Anyway, as more disappointments revealed themselves, we “enjoyed” the awfulness of college football coverage a little too much this weekend. That’s probably the reason for the slightly more NSFW nature of this week’s various rants.

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