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Dang things sure have pivoted fast this year. Two weeks ago, the good people of Gainesville were being treated to a typical post-Urban season of above averageness with no hope of true Spurrierlike success. And now, they’re longing for the Zook era. Hell, the Gators even made the UCLA defense look like only the second-most embarrassing defense in major college football.  Luckily, they do have an answer for the crisis at quarterba…never mind.

Were we talking about Florida or UCLA? Yes.

  1. Florida – So, not Randy Shannon for the permanent gig, right?
  2. UCLA – Blah, blah, blah injuries. Blah, blah, blah no Josh Rosen. Blah, blah, blah Chip Kelly.  Blah blah blah savior.
  3. The B1G – Good night, sweet conference. (And yeah, we know Wisconsin’s undeafeated.)
  4. THE Ohio State University – Congratulations on becoming THE first team to show up twice in one Chaos Index. Can we stop all the talk about J.T. Barrett going to New York now?
  5. Tennessee – Beating Southern Miss made everything better, right Vol Nation? Anyway, good luck chasing Chuckie.
  6. Kansas – 38-9 to a winless team?
  7. Ole Miss – Ho yeah, the Rebels’ dream of playing in a meaningless fifth-tier bowl game in Florida this winter lives on!
  8. Florida State – Beating the team that beat Clemson is almost like beating…oh, never mind. This disaster that is FSU 2017 rolls on.
  9. BYU – We’d say that this is painful to watch, but really, it’s kind of entertaining.
  10. Arkansas – Nothing says “job-saving winning streak” like two one-point wins over a program trashed by a prostitution scandal and a program that should still be playing VMI in a key SoCon throwdown.
  11. North Carolina – Kinda surprised that UNC didn’t use the bye week to say bye to Larry Fedora. After all, this week’s going to be the Pitts.
  12. East Carolina – Meet this year’s reminder that firing the mostly-successful head coach is frequently a very bad idea.
  13. Nebraska – Of course, the 4-5 Huskers have been a reminder of this ever since they shipped Bo to Youngstown. Kinda creepy to think your biggest pelt this year is Purdue, ain’t it y’all?
  14. Texas – Remember when the Horns were always Texas State Champions? Those days are so a couple lifetimes ago.
  15. Baylor – Woo! One-win season! Woo! Y’all beat Kansas!
  16. Oregon State – Don’t think of it as a one-win season, think of it as the year you’re undefeated against Oregon schools located north of you.
  17. Illinois – Not that anyone cares, but the Illini are still playing football.
  18. San Jose State – And here comes Sparty’s last chance for a win in 2017 in Reno…which will go the same way Kansas’ last chance for a win this year went against Baylor.
  19. Georgia Southern – The only thing more pointless than playing in the Sun Belt is being winless in the Sun Belt.
  20. Charlotte – Why are you here? Seriously. Please return to FCS immediately and take the rest of the conference with you.