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It’s Championship Week! It’s the week that so much is on the line and so much is decided. Except for this year, of course, with Alabama and Ohio State already locked into playoff slots and Clemson one relatively easy win away from their spot. Oh, but the tension over that fourth slot!

One question: considering the best game of the day, by far, is a Big 12 game, do you think having a conference championship game in a 10-team conference is a bad idea? This is an open-ended question with no right answer…except for “yes”, which is exactly the right answer.

Alabama vs. Victim #13 – It says something about where the Florida program has gone that Jim McElwain was considered a possibility for the Oregon job, doesn’t it? The final score will also say something unpretty about where the Florida program has gone.

Oklahoma State @ Oklahoma – Bedfreakinglam, how we love you this year (and most of the others too). You’ll be the best game of the day, and we shall rejoice in you. Also, we’re going to retch at the constant mentions of Central Michigan during the game.

Colorado vs. Washington – Yep, just like everyone figured it at the start of the year. Do you think Larry Scott will quietly try to slip a little something into Colorado’s Gatorade just before kickoff.

Temple @ Navy – Don’t you just want to smack the buffoons who say they’re rooting for Temple because a Navy win would mess up the bowl system? Ignoring how much we love chaos in these parts, Navy’s been building to a major bowl for years, and if you’re rooting against a service academy for stupid reasons like that, we hope the only game your TV will show on Saturday is the one from the Mountain West.

Wisconsin vs. Penn State – It’s an exciting battle to see who’s really the third-best team in the B1G!

Clemson vs. Whoever – Justin Fuente’s done great work in his first year in Blacksburg, and the Hokies will be all the way back lickety split. This year, however, they’re just going to split.

Wyoming vs. San Diego State – How sweet is it going to be to watch a championship throwdown between two teams that just game up 119 points while losing their warmups for this “big game”? If you said “not very”, give yourself a gold star. Then feel free to ignore this one completely.