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Welcome to the best week of the season…every season. It’s the week when countdown clocks across the country hit zero.

Oh, and this year, it’s also a hell of a lot more important than next week, when we’ll be looking at an unbelievably lame set of conference championship games.

Michigan @ Ohio State – It’s 2006 all over again, only with a more interesting coaching matchup! Aren’t you hoping that Urbz and Crazy Jim end the day yelling, “What’s your deal?!?!?” at each other?

Auburn @ Alabama – As hate weeks go, y’all is number one. As rivalry games go this year, the Iron Bowl figures to be #2. (Behind Michigan-Ohio State, of course. What did you think we meant by that?)

LSU @ Texas A&M – Shocking development: the only CFB game of the holiday is so much more interesting than the three meh NFL games (okay, Dallas-Washington ain’t bad) that it’s silly.

TCU @ Texas – This was supposed to be the exciting final episode of Does Charlie Get To Keep His Gig, but after that disaster in Kansas, it became the game where his players carry him off the field and into his next gig. Now, who knows? And that’s why Texas is pulling ahead of LSU in the “race” for the top spot in this year’s final Chaos Index.

Notre Dame @ USC – Hard to believe that, before the season started, Clay Helton was the dude on the hot seat and Brian Kelly was the coach who knew who his quarterback was, ain’t it?

Florida @ Florida State – Here’s what you’ll be watching: a division champion from the sport’s “premiere” conference against a distant third-place finisher from the meh ACC. Here’s the question you should be asking yourself after FSU wipes the field with UF: which conference is really better?

 Washington @ Washington State – The last time the Apple Cup mattered this much, Eddie Vedder was a hot, happening artist rather than a Cubs fan who’s not as well known as Bill Murray.

Georgia Tech @ Georgia – It’s good old fashioned mediocrity between the hedges!

Utah @ Colorado – It’s that traditional post-Thanksgiving showdown with Pac-10, er Pac-12, championship ramifications, just like you remember the way it was when you were growing up. Y’know, assuming you’ve just started growing up in the last couple months. (And since yours truly hasn’t bothered growing up yet, why wouldn’t that be the case?)