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Now that we’re a month into Fall, it’s time for axes and reputations to start falling, so what better time to commemorate that vibe with a full slate of games that will be scary – ooh, Halloween reference – to at least one of the participants!

Cal @ UCLA – Cal had their big shot to enter the big time, and they couldn’t quite sneak by Utah. UCLA had their big shot to return to the big time, and they couldn’t quite stay in the same stadium as Stanford. So now, one week after the Bruins kinda sorta had their shot at prime time, they really get one with the game actually starting when East Coast viewers will be awake. Somebody’s going to be ready to go to sleep when this one’s done.

Kentucky @ Mississippi State – It’s been a nice run, Wildcats. Now, bid a warm hello to Mister Prescott and his cowbelling minions. Because you’ve played solid D up till now, you many not be familiar with that old “Didja get the number of that truck that done runned us over?” feeling, but you will be by about 8pm Eastern.

Washington @ Stanford – The password is…now or never. (Okay, so that was three passwords. Deal with it.)

Clemson @ Miami – The Fire Al Golden plane will doubtless be plying the unfriendly skies of Coral Gables this Saturday, and while the Canes have been staying one step ahead of the grim reaper until now – barely, we might note – here’s betting the scythe comes down this week.

Utah @ USC – It’s pretty much what you expected during the offseason: the #3 team in the country going up against an unranked team minus its already departed head coach. Last week was Justin Fuente’s big audition; this week, it’s Kyle Whittingham’s turn. Funny thing is, after last off-season and the first half of this season, it’s entirely possible that Coach Whittingham will be standing on the other sideline of this game next year.

Auburn @ Arkansas – It seems like every week of SEC football brings us a new Disappointment Bowl this year. This week, we see the dethroned trendy national champions pick visiting the trendy team on the rise pick. One is coming off a momentum building three point win over Kentucky (hint: it’s called sarcasm), and the other is coming off a momentum building we-stayed-within-two-touchdowns-of-Bama loss (hint: it’s called major sarcasm). Woo War Eagle Sooey!!!

Tennessee @ Alabama – Welcome to the latest episode of The Schedulemaker Is Out To Get Bama, this week starring the still-up-and-coming Vols. They bagged one quality hide when they got UGA two weeks ago. Now, they’re tanned, rested, and ready to bag another one. Whether they’re able to bag it – hint: the answer is no, they’re not – is another matter entirely.

Kansas State @ Texas – Oh geez, Texas. Welcome back from your week of celebrating another ambush of Oklahoma. K-State’s looking vulnerable, so here’s your chance to go from 1-4 to 5-4. (We’ve seen what’s coming next, Horns.) Please don’t f this one up. We can’t bear to see the sadness that will surround Austin again if you do.

Texas A&M @ Ole Miss – Two very disappointed programs. One bludgeoned Bama; one got bludgeoned by them. Through the transitive power of football…never mind. The letdown level is about to rise significantly in Oxford.

Virginia @ North Carolina – Let’s see: the Hoos probably need four wins in their final six games to save Mike London’s gig. Next to VaTech, the Heels appear to be the softest touch left on the schedule. The Heels are 5-1. You can almost hear the hammer falling already, can’t you?

Wyoming @ Boise State – Stay up late if you want your Saturday to end with a bloodbath. The Cowboys finally won a game last week. The Broncos finally saw their big run end last week. You’ve seen cowboys busting broncs, but you’re about to see Broncs busting up Cowboys like nobody’s business.