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Welcome to Week 8, a week that raises the question: we waited all off-season for this? It’s a week filled with exciting showdown! Also, a bunch of games that don’t mean much to, well, anyone.

So anyway, tune in at 3:30 Eastern on Saturday for this week’s Game Of The Year!!! Just have a flask next to you for the remainder of the mediocrest schedule ever…or at least since Week 2.

Texas A&M @ Alabama – Everybody has one bad game a year, and the Aggies’ pass rush is just the thing to give Jalen Hurts a scare. So, whaddya think? Tide by three touchdowns…or four?

Miami @ Va. Tech – Welcome to this year’s Trying To Get Back In The Elite, But This Is Going To Take Longer Than We Think Bowl.

BYU @ Boise State – It’s a Mountain West showdown with conference title implications! Oh, that’s right. BYU thought it was Notre Dame, part II and went indy. Oh well, it’s a decent late nighter for Thursday, y’know, if you don’t have work in the morning.

Arkansas @ Auburn – Welcome to this week’s entry in the Can Gus Save His Job Sweepstakes. How Auburn is currently ranked, I have no idea, but they’ll deserve if they win the next two. They won’t, but that’s just details, isn’t it?

Colorado @ Stanford – If the Buffs win this – and it kinda looks like they oughta – just assume that the Earth has officially spun off its axis.

Memphis @ Navy – The second-best game of the week is in the AAC? Yep, the planet really may be departed for galaxies unknown.

Michigan State @ Maryland – Speaking of the planet spinning off to its inexorable doom, the team entering the game with a brutal losing streak and little apparent hope is Sparty?

Ole Miss @ LSU – An 8pm kickoff in Baton Rouge? One dreads to think how good and likkered up the locals (and the visitors) will be for this one. Tune in Saturday night for a real howler.