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Well lookee here. It’s almost October, and now that conference season is underway, things are getting serious. Of course, things have already gotten a little more serious than you expected on the reigning campus of chaos in Baton Rouge, so this week’s also a chance for a new, festive round of chaos where all the locals get excited about the guy who flamed out in Oxford

Louisville @ Clemson – Last year, Leonard Fournette was the surest thing that Heisman voters had ever seen…until he went to Tuscaloosa. Lamar Jackson, welcome to Death Valley. Good luck.

Texas @ Oklahoma State – Well this is fitting: it’s burnt orange against a team in orange that’s already been burnt this year.

Tennessee @ Georgia – Now that The Streak is over and the Vols are on the winning side of a collapse for a change, it’s time to all but wrap up the SEC East. What could possibly go wrong?

Arizona State @ USC – With The Hat officially on The Beach, One-Win Clay now takes his place in the eye of the coaching hurricane. Lynn Swann best scoop up Tom Herman fast before Joe Alleva does.

Wisconsin @ Michigan – That game with Michigan State sure put an interesting spin on this game, didn’t it? If the Badgers can just get this one too, then they can…oh forget it. Crazy Jim will think of something before that happens.

Stanford @ Washington – Is U-Dub really back? At minimum, they’ve got the quarterback that Stanford desperately needs. Still, the Dawgs aren’t about to take over the Pac-12 North, as the Cards will happily remind them on Friday.

Kentucky @ Alabama – When oh when will ‘Bama stop scheduling these cupcakes and get on with the business of playing legitimate opponents like Southern Ca…never mind?

Mizzou @ LSU – Let the Coach Eaux bandwagon begin! (And if you’re an LSU fan, let it end shortly thereafter, but preferably not with an ugly home loss.)