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If you’ve walked this lovely planet of ours for a little while, you’ve probably figured out that everything eventually returns to its natural state. This week’s modestly intriguing lineup will offer us all a lesson in that reality…with a curveball, of course.

Seriously, this being college football, you realized that there will always be something unfathomable happening somewhere, right? So, while the status quo returns in places like East Lansing (hello, Little Brother), Oxford (hotty toddy, our team is shoddy), and Jacksonville (beer me, biznitch), last year’s national runner up simply refuses to Clemson.

Clemson @ Florida State – Clemson’s back on track. No, they’re not. Yes, they are. Felony State’s down this year, so it probably doesn’t matter.

Michigan @ Michigan State – It’ll take a lot more than a messed up punt to keep this one from being the game that returns the flow of events back to their usual direction.

Washington @ Utah – If you’re Larry Scott, try to suppress that sinking feeling that something nasty is about to happen to your one real shot at making it back into the playoff this year.

WLOCP – Surely, given the attempted name change, absolutely no cocktails will be consumed before, during, or after this year’s game…even if we’ll be watching two fanbases desperately in need of a drink. Note: in case you’re not clear on what you just read, click here.

West Virginia @ Oklahoma State – If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck. If it looks like a 9-3 football team…well, you get the idea.

Nebraska @ Wisconsin – Speaking of undefeated teams whose records might be just a tad misleading, the Huskers are one win away from wrapping up the B1G West…or from being seven days away from blowing the whole thing.

Auburn @ Ole Miss – Do you know what to make of either of these teams? No, you don’t, though you’re wondering when Gus got a defense. Think of it this way: when Ole Miss and Ole Miss State are sitting at the bottom of the SEC West with 1-4 records come Sunday morning, it’ll be just like old times!