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Now that LSU has be deHatted, the next big question the college football world is wondering about involves a certain golden hat that, if Charlie Strong ain’t wearin’ it again this Saturday afternoon, might indicate a change in the chaos level in Austin. O, and speaking of rivalry games, the good people of Eugene may have limited reasons to make the ASL sign for vagina against U-Dub this week. Now, without further adieu, but with plenty of prayers for those in the path of that ultimate real-life chaos-maker, Hurricane Matthew, let’s get to the silliness at hand.

Clemson @ Boston College – The over/under on points scored by B.C. is 2.5, right?

LSU @ Florida – Eaux boy! It’s 2013 all over again, and things could get a little uncomfortable in B.R. if good LSU shows up Coach O while Florida continues play offensive ball like it’s, well, 2013 all over again.

Washington @ Oregon – Meet the West Coast version of Florida-Tennessee. Y’know how it never rains in Autzen Stadium? Prepare for a downpour this week.

Tennessee @ Texas A&M – Okay Vols, you’ve made it awfully interesting the last two weeks, but you’ve also built up some serious expectations. If you don’t go down by at least five touchdowns and then find a way to win that involves a flea flicker, bUTch’s buzz cut, and a monkey, we’re going to be very disappointed in you.

Texas @ Oklahoma – Here’s a new twist on an old rivalry: both coaches are sitting on a flaming throne at the moment. At least the Horns have a new D.C. who might know a thing or two about the game. Unfortunately, they apparently have the same special teams coach as last week.

Colorado @ USC – Funniest thing to happen this year: guess which team is ranked at the moment. And yes, it’s funny because it’s true.

Bama @ Arkansas – Wooooooo pig, them Hogs is ranked! They won’t be after next Sunday, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Washington State @ Stanford – One’s on the up escalator, and one’s on the down escalator. Unless, of course, Christian McCaffrey breaks off 400 yards of total offense, in which case, the escalators will suddenly begin running in the direction you’d expect.